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Rusty Egan - Musician DJ

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Rusty Egan is a drummer ‘The Rich Kids’ – Visage – The Skids – Phil Lynott TOTP Theme Yellow Pearl And a DJ Producer. He was DJ at The Blitz Club introducing ambient and electronic music in his sets 2013 2016 WRITING AND RECORDING IN IBIZA and hosting a weekly radio show with new releases planned for 2017.

He has been a DJ since 1978 and was the DJ at Blitz, the influential New Romantic nightclub in London where he worked with Steve Strange from 1979 until 1981. Whilst there, he introduced German (Kraftwerk), Japanese (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and British (Eno, Ultravox, Landscape) electronic/synthpop to the British club scene, almost single-handedly putting together the soundtrack for the New Romantic movement.

Egan also owned The Cage, a New Romantic-era record store on London’s King’s Road. As the club grew in popularity, Egan began to be recognised as a central figure in London’s nightlife.  Also Egan has chanpioned electronic synth pop since Kraftwerk via his dj sets.

In 1982, he and Strange opened up the Camden Palace nightclub in London, where he continued to spread and influence the development of electronica in the UK. For a time, he switched to producing records for many of the bands he used to DJ, including Spear of Destiny, Shock, Visage and The Senate.

Egan was later brought back into his career as a disc jockey by the allure of the internet as a medium for sharing music. Presently, he works as a DJ playing and promoting 1980s style synthpop and electronic music.

On 13 June 2008, Egan appeared DJing at the ‘Big Top’ as part of the Isle of Wight Festival.
Egan appeared alongside former Visage bandmate Steve Strange on makeover show Pop Goes the Band in early 2009 on Living TV. He had his teeth drastically reconstructed as part of his makeover.
He has participated at Electric City Conference in Dusseldorf and nowadays his album Welcome To The Dancefloor has been very successful on different radio stations around the world.Egan won the category for lifetime achievement at the 2009 London Club and Bar Awards.[13] Previous winners have included Richard Branson, Mark Fuller and Nick House. 


In January 2011, Egan and Steve Strange reopened the Blitz Club for one night, with performances from Roman Kemp’s band Paradise Point and electro punk artist Quilla Constance plus DJ sets from Egan himself.

In 2017 Rusty Egan Presents released Welcome to the dancefloor to great critical acclaim .
Rusty is writing producing and and hosting a weekly radio show The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show   on Artefaktor Radio and Bombshell Radio.
The Bandcamp link takes you to a full discography of music all written arranged and recorded in the past decade while Rusty has returned actively to music with so many more great projects in the pipline
I thought I would slow down but it the 40th anniversary of Visage on Nov 12 2020 some concerts are planned to perform the music with Chris Payne David Brooks Zaine Griff and guests while bandmate Midge Ure tours the world with the 1980Visage/Vienna Tour only Coronavirus has stopped the world while we all lockdown will more music be written and recorded you bet. 

Also why not take a listen to Rusty's new Album

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Rusty Egan Diary Part IV

Diary 64

Universal Credit


Universal Credit

Universal Credit is replacing 6 other benefits with a single monthly payment if you're out of work or on a low i...
You must seek work , what are you doing to get work? You must report what you have been doing to get work.
1984, the nightmare is here, our media and social media controls what we see & hear and now even our nightlife is DEAD.
What do you do now ? The industry you love and have worked in your whole life is DEAD.
Your skills no matter how good will not feed you, the recorded industry back catalogues and current artists are owned by the industry who are making $24million per day from people listening to millions of songs but if you search chill out lounge a algorithm will give you MUSZAK as we used to call it elevator music created by the industry not the musicians so all the income goes to them and the real chill out artists are avoided unless to search longer. 

As you drive your car with whatever you use to hear music algorithm program the radio stations and digital stations and podcasts .Absolute 80's 90's 00's RNB HOUSE SOULFUL HOUSE not artists names but genre's , algorithms predict what you will like next the chances of you hearing anything the algorithms have removed unless you have friends who share in a dm. If they share it you might not even see it, Oh you tell friends you did not see my post? Why I don't understand, well we are all now CONSUMERS of what THEY think we will like and if we venture out and walk past sellers we get pms what do you think of the Ramada Inn? Nothing I just walked past it and everything else I just want to turn it all OFF!!!!!!!!
But if I do? Will my career be any WORSE. 2020 Ground Zero?, but we are all presuming this will all be over by 2021, that this is our bad year, why one year .What if it's 2 years , 2.5 years what if there is no safety net?
Will we all be homeless? Will life ever be as it was pre #covid will I retire and not have enough money to live on? Why would I be upset if the music artists I signed in 1980 sold hundreds of millions of songs and I was duped out of my share by unscrupulous dishonest people and crooked lawyers? Why would I be upset that the system is geared that I don't get paid and that performances I made can be copied and replaced and therefor avoiding paying copyright.

Armani made a perfume advert and removed the musicians and only paid the songwriters....why would I be upset songs are ripped from you tube then re mastered with new details new name and resold with no body stopping the sellers because it's to expensive and time consuming.

Will blockchain and new systems that are available today will they be implemented so we can all just look at a screen and see our work tagged in smart contracts and earning income for us no middle men except hired services from our sales/streams/uses in crypto payments we can use contactless around the world with no currency exchange ? could I travel the world with income generated from my past copyrights ? or what am I doing to find work. you have a scheduled call with Universal credit on Thursday please tell us what you are doing to find work as a creative.

This is not Visage they have been copied to save costs Visage - Fade To Grey (Rusty Egan)

Visage - Fade To Grey (Rusty Egan)Diary 62

Everything you want to say on social media but can't quite explain  and don't need trolls is explained in one book. 

America The Farewell Tour.  

The Revolution will not be televised  
I am obsessed with AMERIKKA 
THE GOOD Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  see the Netflix 2017/8 documentary 

Knock Down The House 
The Bad / Trump / daughter/ Wife/ Son in Law/ Biz associates and vultures/  Police force Killer Cops/ Racists / Corruption/ water pollution/ the list is endless  this ugly dynasty is raping the country in full view of the world who stand by and do nothing 

Jared Kushner: power hungry and intent on enriching himself?
The Ugly Nancy Pelosi 

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.” ― Harry Truman 

1992 Amerikka was filmed by someone in their home , cops beating Rodney King 2020 everyone can film cops beating the public and killing innocent unarmed civilians AMERIKKA IS ON THE BRING OF A REVOLUTION and it sickens the world as did apartheid South Africa in the 80's. The world freed Nelson Mandela and now the world needs to free the american people from their own elected officials one namely Congressman Ted Yoho who told CONGRESSWOMAN Alexandria Ocasio Cortez she is a FUCKING BITCH street language not the language of a congressman 

2014 - Ferguson, Missouri, U.S. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown Jr., an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown was accompanied by his 22-year-old friend Dorian Johnson.

Participants:    Darren Wilson (police officer); Mic...
Non-fatal injuries:  Darren Wilson
Location:   Ferguson, Missouri, U.S
Deaths:  Michael Brown
 Diary 61

Can Psychedelics Cure PTSD? with Rick Doblin!

How would the world manage legal sale of drugs?
Who currently profits from the drugs industry and if these people no longer were operation illegally
what effect would that have on crime , cartels . costs for policing the import of drugs FDA drug wars 
Hemp is being grown legally   and now used for CDB Oils that help pain management can be vaped and many other ways in foods etc 
So why are drugs not looked at my the west as a product that can be bought like tobacco and alcohol and CBD Oils Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant's extract.
Big Pharma in America are also criminals stealing from sick people , so it would need for me a whole new board to control the costing and licencing.
Anyway , the bottom line America can end its war on drugs. 

It might be time to deal with this as a product and many products that many people could enjoy pain free life or weekend use without all the deaths and wars related to the import and sale of street drugs.
Why has this not been regulated before ? Who is profiting from the street deaths ? and the import? Politicians?  

Diary 60

Why is the world upside down

Money Well, get back I'm all right Jack Keep your hands off of my stack Money It's a hit Don't give me that do goody good bullshit I'm in the high-fidelity first class travelling set I think I need a Lear jet
Greed is good 

Ironically, Wall Street was released just before the October, 1987 stock market crash.

Margin Call - The Company Men - Homes - The Big Short - Wolf of Wall Street

Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 11/9 : OFFICIAL TRAILER - In Theaters 9/21

Diary 59



Matt Hancock finally says something sensible 

New has reached me that Matt Hancock actually said something sensible during #Covid19 


Why with the technology we have and Elon Musk may even reach remote villages in india who will be prepared to WORK HARDER THAN YOU
Watch out they don't even need to come to the UK to Steal your Job
Diary 58

Profiteering from #COVID 19  

Only Fools and Horses Clean Closing Theme (With Lyrics)
Report any traders profiteering from COVID-19

Only Fools & Horses would be street trading and doing sell by date stock or factory rejects but in 2020 the Higher tier criminals within organised criminal network would be very smart or should i say smart phone clever 
The BBC report shows you how 700 criminals were operating using a smart phone operating system undetected by the usual web tracking services with police access  Hundreds arrested as crime chat network cracked
Crime doesn't pay they say but for some who have been using the smart phones for quite a while it seems there is a lot of money under the radar and police have made over 800 arrests how many will walk? Talk? or just do the time if they do the crime. But it shows you that the criminal network is worth a lot of money , money the government could have a piece of and the public would not be the victim.  
If this was China or Russia it would not work, these countries  security systems and control over the market is vice like grip and Europe is easy money and cushy prisons and even sentences or if not English they are deported. 

The public don't care about drugs why are they illegal? causing massive black market and crime we all know smoking week or chilling or a few pills in clubs should have just been controlled and legalised like CBD oil and vaping is a whole new market. It only give opportunists like Prohibition and crime in 1920 the 18th Amendment was passed, making the manufacture and sale of alcohol illegal.american alcohol ban created all the crime.

But many people in this time of Prohibition continued to drink, and gangsters made enormous amounts of money.Supply and demand. When will we learn. The law is an ass and in America its a biz locking up poor people and private companies making money from cheap labor and private phone calls to loved ones.Society is SICK and crime takes advantages of these laws. Sophisticated criminals will always profit from these laws. 

Hundreds arrested as crime chat network cracked

Police forces across Europe collaborated on the UK's "most significant" law enforcement operation.
#Covid19 has caused many shortages and once again profiteering takes place during WW2 The black market was a response to rationing that was introduced during World War Two. While illegal, the black market became a driving force in the Home Front especially in the cities – for those who could afford the prices. ... While cigarettes and alcohol were never rationed they were in short supply.
So while most of my friends and associates lives and careers have been put on hold with no idea if and when it will return to some sort of normality someone is making a fortune on the black market. 
Day 57 well 05 07 2020 

The pubs are open but?

Are we all asleep? Who is going to wake us up before we go go ?

Are we being controlled for some reason I ask myself and if yes by whom and for what reason?

Trump wants to sell chicken that defies all health and safety as he thinks that’s all just crazy and can sell more without all the protections imposed to make sure we don’t have salmonella poisoning plus win the election in November so what does he want to ensure that happens?  Make America White again is in full social media control with facefxxk  pulling down anything THEY determine breaks their code’s and everyone going to facefxxk  prison who dares post stuff that is not in line with he who pays the ferryman.

China wants what Russia wants and that’s follow the money trial  t $ and HongKong finance London square mile or Frankfurt stock exchange all roads lead to the power of finance and money.

How do these people sleep at night?

What’s going to happen to the future we leave our children , if you like me are heading towards retirement age then you might notice our world has gone like our parents our morals and principles and our views on life are all old, wrong and now if you don’t know the genders the races the religions’ or the politics and correct history of a town a country or the pioneers of an industry in a pub quiz you lose and have to buy a round, on social media you are hounded by the spelling police the history  your family for 500 years and the thought police from Orwell’s novels are sending to you Facefuck prison only to return 24 hrs later to find you comments  posts and or anything you believe has been removed from your media.

Who is controlling my tweets? Who has had a tweet screenshot and circulated as a racist because your words are taken out of context?  Many over 40 yr olds miss understand all lives matter and black lives matter they think all lives matter means ALL LIVES MATTER everyone Oh sorry I did not mean to? Bang you are in facefxxk prison because you don’t understand and really those who are in CONTROL want you all fighting and hating and out on the street looting and causing hell while they get on with the real ALL THAT MATTERS and to them that means  THE CONTROL OF THE WESTERN WORLD.

Dumb and Dumber the people are.... they are buying toilet rolls and fighting for them, they are looting they are doing what we said they would so if we press this button we watch it all on mobiles. Cops are killing and army un badged security are on the streets killing the insanity is right in front of us and The Revolution will not be televised..Only what we want you to see will be used against you

Look at the big picture and get off social media and follow people who really know what’s happening and are telling the truth my truth and your may be different but at least they are intelligent and respectable sources not a bloke in the pub said.

Once you listen to the people who can change lives and can wake us all up and who you can vote for and who is telling the lies and making all the money always follow the money and you find the liars and cheats are all wearing suits , have well education have support from bands hedge funds and institutions and profit from high and low either way they make money .

I don’t understand how money and power is the end fame until you look at the history the wars and understand its boon going on hundreds of years and will never stop until the next generation of under 40 yr olds are managing the world our kids are inheriting. Grey haired old fossils

Day 56

Shannon - Let The Music Play

Today July 2nd was  #letthemusicplay Day Where the events industry join together to help put pressure on the UK Government to provide a rescue package to get the Events, Live Music and Club industry back to work. The time has come to be heard before it’s too late
Please download and send a copy of this letter by E Mail to your own M.P. Download letter link in comments.
Can you then please pass on to as many people as you can in the industry it can be customised to suit it’s important that this is done
This goverment has had a bad record since day one and we will look back at  Theresa May / Brexit / Boris/ Covid the lies and deciet and faliure after failure  of this goverment from the ministers and the cock ups but if the country that since 1963 spawned sonme of the best music that still today is celebrated either ny the orgiobal artists Paul McCartney to Theatre to Musicals to DJs Club Brands to world famous music festivals the UK is responsible for a world wide music industry and theatre and entertainment industry employing 100s of thousands of creatives who now need the support of this goverment to survive from the Royal Albert Hall to small live music venues Let The Music Play needs you and btw never asks for anything but puts billions into the economy. 


Click and like follow and share  

Day 55

We're Going Down the Pub 

Government publishes reopening guidance for hospitality sector

Can you imagine:

  • How the Pub Landlord Al Murray would try to manage the governments guidance for safe social distancing in his pub?
  • A pub crawl with everyone 2 metres apart - some guests may even get lost in between pubs!
  • The obligatory 6 visits to the toilet each night - You must be accompanied by an sober adult - "in and out mate, not aloowed to have 2 in a cubicle" 

Well on July 4th the pubs will be trying to get everyone rat arsed, to make up for losing 50% of their turnover in 2020. So here we go, or? 
Well IMHO shouting at someone 2 metes opposite me without spraying them with spittle, especially after 5 pints may not be your idea of fun. But I can't hear anyone in my face in a loud packed vibrant PUB. Oh it seems there will be NO MUSIC, well it might be audible if no one speaks. That means the DJ and any musicians are now out of a job. 

  • Err so you are saying the leisure industry can open? - But no live entertainment, no band's, no DJ's at Weddings or Corporate events etc? 
  • Ok then "Can I do An Audience with Rusty Egan - it's a great night of music and banter? - NOOOOO  You can't do that - OK?"
  • Well is my gig with Midge Ure OK? - No that's cancelled then too......

This week I had my telephone conversation with Universal Credit. "So Mr Egan you are a musician and a DJ and are over 60 are you happy to be a BAR BACK? Collect the glasses? err load shelves change barrels come on we are not going to pay your rent forever. 

OK well here we go if you are in a pub and Martin Fry asks you " Have you finished that? " you should hand him your glass and say yes and I do hope you find true love one day hip hip hurry!!!!!
Jimmy Pursey may well have the answer instead of trying to find work - Were going down the pub

Day 54

Taxman (Remastered 2009)


Are you able to digest the news , the posts , the opioions on social media  and media in general and NOT RESPOND? 

That's my new challenge , the pictures of the couple protecting the home with a machine gun and pistol
PROTECT under their rights to by the  2nd Amendmdnent from a PEACEFUL  Demonstration. I now just read the comments and don't comment . 
Why are we all spreading hate? That's what the right want , they want all the POOR PEOPLE  hating each other.
America has been since Trump one long cesspit of lies, ignorance Rasits sextist and every other ist as you can be. Its a truely fucked up society and a sick and sad place to live for 90% of Americans. The rest just don t seem to get it that under Eisenhower TAX was 91% for the highest , today they go crazy when the tax after you made $10 million goes to 70% , AFTER you made $10 million ffs you have familes of 4 trying to live on $40k working 2 jobs and no healthcare etc etc 
Obhama should get an Oscar for his role as the nice family man who happens to be African American . 
Well he was about as African American as ? They all doubt even if he was AMERICAN. Now Elon Musk is Sth African but Canada is claiming he is Canadian. They want you when you are a success and want to extradite you when you are poor and err not quite as American as they would like you to be.  
Amerikka is just one rule for the rich and one for the poor and I really can't wait for the people to just take to the streets millions of them and stand in TOTAL SILENCE with their BACKS to the HIRED HEAVIES or POLICE as they would like you to identify them. I suggest no one files a TAX RETURN untill CORPORATIONS PAY TAX. REAL TAX. NO MORE TAX BREAKS . Pay in and you get to take out. 

Day 53

<New Life 
Day 53 of my diary for me is 70 or 80 for some of #Covid-19
I have likend this lockdown to a chance to have a new life from the one I had in 2019
A lot of amazing things have come into my life without much effort from me making it clear that all my pushing and controlling my destiny or my idea of managing my life was a full time job to nowhere.
Where I should and what I should be doing is unfolding as I do nothing, that’s right nothing. Well we all know hard work and determination pays off and doing nothing will get you nowhere.
Well that’s what I believed in 2019 since lockdown i did what i was told to do and stayed at home , all work was cancelled or at least put off till 2021. I logging t the government stuff and took advice from my accountant and so on and so on. I shared that I waited for MNS Sell by date as it was not shameful to buy great food cheap than cheap food that’s not great and that i needed vitamins and eat healthy just in case i do get #Covid-19 and being old I was told I might not see the summer , if you followed the great press that we have here in the uk. If you followed Trump and Fox News #Covid-19 would be contained and sorted in 6 weeks and yes the dumb ones were out there armed to the teeth trying to get back to work and MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN
EARLY RETIREMENT is possibly gong to be offered to a lot of my generation who will after 6 months doing nothing find it difficult to get back in their stride. I walk 5 miles a day and think phew that’s it I’m done and then its feet up and in the studio writing and working in a  seat a nice comfy seat and the idea of DJing till 04 00am or plane hopping now has lost its appeal.
I was offerd a few dj gigs from optimistic promoters saying PENCIL NOVEMBER and its the 40th anniversary of Visage debut album and Fade t Grey our single on Nov 10th and “ All bets are off “.
I THINK ITS GOING TO HAVE TO MOVE TO 2021 and I kick back on that comfy chair and say I quite like this doing nothing .,
 A day at a time for 24 years I have done what I had t do kept my nose clean and not had a drop of the hard stuff done the washing up as they say and the kids have started to fly the nest , well retirement was never and is not on the cards but all that late nights and crap airlines and cheap travel can stay where it is..... I make music 

Rusty Egan Presents  

Tiny Magnetic Pets - New single out July 10th

<The pre order is live on iTunes

Do you want a NEW LIFE or are you still pushing and planning ?

Rusty Egan Diary Part  III

Day 52

If you managed to see Live The Sex Pistols or met Malcolm McLaren & Bernie Rhodes in 1976 you knew something was going to happen. If you were in Andy and Sue's The Roxy Club Jan 1st 1977 Sa Clash and Listened to Don Lett's playing Television -Marquee Moon - Richard Hell - Love comes in Spurts - Talking Heads - Love is a building on Fire - Blondie - Denis Denis - Two 7s Clash - Buzzcocks - Boredom - Stranglers - Peaches - you knew this music was saying something and you wanted to be a part of it.
Nov 1979 when you grabbed your record collection from Billy's Club Soho and added all the records you bought in Dusseldorf and Berlin and raided @ROUGH TRADE Portobello Rd mixed them with your Bowie Iggy Roxy Music some trash disco euro disko EZ Records from Paris and NY in walks Chris Blackwell of Island Records and asks the DJ [ me ] Who is this playing EVERY TIME. I had already been to PARIS chasing down Michael Esteban and NY in 1979, meeting Michael Zilka loving the ZE Records I was playing in my dj Sets.
Chris had signed Grace Jones and Warm Leatherette was her Ash's to Ash's . 5 tracks came from The Blitz Club sets and Chris signed a deal with me for Metropolis Records my label and we released The Cage ft Nona Hendryx T Connection on a trans-European train via my TR808 with funky bass.
I started to hang out with Chris, back at his town house in Queensgate or his country pile junction 9 on the M4 while he asked me who was cool who was not . SADE is shouted G Street Records are cool and Blue Rhondo and Kid Creole with ZE. Yes he said I know Michael Zilka we are already talking who else? Was Not Was it was just a matter of going through my DJ Boxes and he loved that weird track about the car crash . Warm Leatherette I said Yes Yes said Chris we love that.... I said many times Chris I love U2 and I got simple minds to Simon Draper at Virgin and Magazine but believe it or not they like Ultravox were all now passe and he was on to the next .
I thought something was just beginning and over the next 12 months Ulktravox and Visage would record 2 of the songs of the decade but no one was interested Spandau Sade and Daniel Miller were super cool and unknown to them all Soft Cell and Despeche Mode both from knowhereville Leeds and Billericay would deliver the next 2 songs of the decade Tainted Love and Just Can't Get Enough. In the meantime Grace created to show that possibly inspired cirque du soleil and I saw it at the Drury Lane Theatre and then a few years later had to have a show at The Camden Palace. By 1981 the music was now the dancefloor
I tried with Ian Flooks to book Kraftwerk but it was too small.
So they popped into Club for Heroes when in London 1981 and Yello and Yellow Magic Orchestra and Blancmange and the list is endless of artists who made the music and went to the clubs and looking back I think how amazing it was to go to a club meet so many creative people who had not much money or even success but managed to make such wonderful music images films clothes designs that 40 years later - then 30 with Acid House and dance culture we all know and love and appreciated today.
For Grace Jones to walk into a club and then make the Warm Leatherette album for punks to see bands at The Roxy then go and form a band for young djs to see Colin Favour Eddie Richards and Rusty Egan mixing electronic music or see Prince on stage Madonna Yello
Leigh Bowery for promoters and party planners to go to a rave and start a brand .Everything starts from a desire to see something YOU want to be a part of fast forwards to 2020 apres Covid-19 how much can now be possible? When you have nothing to lose its a great time to just give it a go .......

Day 51

Soho has always had a long term history for sex workers. Now they are online but small bars and clubs are for cursing or meeting others up for consenting sex. These workers are using all precautions they are in fact not breaking the law. The legal age for sex of consenting adults is 16 UK. So if you are rich and single and want to pay for an escort that is legal have sex with a consenting 16yr old that is legal join OnlyFans and find others who for small fees will tease you and possible for large sums meet you.
So therefore it's all legal and its adult fun, unlike 40 years ago in Soho you risked being robbed or were enticed into a gangster run bar and fleeced of a quite few hundred quid and were embarrassed to tell. Today opposite The Groucho Club and next to the old Billys Club are doors with neon signs Girls Girls Girls or Gaydar or Only Fans or escort agencies. Sex is available on credit card or Paypal and many young and beautiful are ready to be of service.
WHY DO WE HAVE SCANDLE like in the 60s 70's or 80s ? Why do we have people being shocked or claiming that HE did it or said something inappropriate?
When I go out and I meet a nice girl who is a bit tipsy or happy or wants to come to my place. I always say give me your wasapp or fb Instagram and try to get her into an uber I will pay to get her home safety. She will avoid it, she will say one min and leave for the toilet or get her bag and disappear into the club. I cancel the Uber. She will delete me the next day.
I see her again in the club and my mate will tell me Oh that's the girl you left here and she went home with?
She wanted to find a man....she wanted to be on a one night stand
I don't.
I want to meet someone who I can meet again and again and again and I do not want to be a pawn in your emotional plan.
I am not your hero tonight!!! I am your hero forever. We do exist, we do want to be the one and we do love and cherish and need women in our lives to enhance it not make it endurable and we do have choices my choice is no one is better than the wrong one.
Facebook is full of people wanting to be like the people they follow the lifestyle, the relationships and the selfie images. I met a nice girl and I was deluded she liked me but she said Follow me here and I duly paid £25. 00 for a few photo's but learnt a lot more.
Fuck Facebook POLICE Fuck all the Facebook jail fuck all your prudes what happened to the sex n drugs and rock n roll. Leave Facebook for granddads. Why can Mark Zuzkerburg police what they call acceptable standards and as a consenting adult you if you want to have sexual relations with another consenting adult in the privacy of your home hotel and who you want to you are not at school or is this really big brother is watching you. People do not believe that 
The Covid-19 track and trace app has not been automatically downloaded onto people’s phonesSoon it might tell you who your intended partner slept with in the past years and their current health status
The excuse to go to the bathroom for a lady now is really can I go check who the fxxc you are before I consent to my impending death. 

Day 50

Control Me

Media control is havin a frenzy online and everyone is taking the bait and responing with Victor Meldrew " I Don't Believe it " responses.
Well yes you should NOT BELIEVE IT becase it's a troll paid to upset you and make unrest.
Well there are others who are loving this extended break from being bombarded by junk mail, junk celebrity rubbish and sefie girls and twats have found a home in TikTok where everyone is a star miming dancing and illuians using and showing the tricks they are doing to get those images.
You don't need to climb to the top of a skyscraper to get mum that holiday now you can have 100 000 followers watch you do your daily streches as long as you are wearning as near as nothing and your selfie life seems like back in dat day man.
Do I want a Starbucks or do I no longer give a XXXX. Do I really need to be IN DA CLUB In Ibiza at the coolest parties or was that the pre #Covid-19 when life was all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
BLM-ALM-NHS - Essential workers Amazon/IKEA/FEDX UPS deleveries ALL the important people are in fact all the people we did'nt notice at the airport / bus/ hospital/ cleaning and sweeping and making the world we live in WORK and who asked your name at Starbucks and you always gave a false name for some reason.
I don't want to go back to the world we were in 2019 and I do want to see a new world grow and develope into  WORLD MY CHILDREN WANT TO LIVE IN. We or I at least don't have long and what is possible today with technology and Blockchain Crypto and the CONTROL being pushed on us to accept testing and possibly being tagged. My google map imprint shows where I have been in social media and I can share it to show that i have not left central London for 6 months.
If the police want to tag us and then pin crimes on us according to the discription well I know that just because I am Irish was in Kilburn in a pub when someone matching my discription was in a pub in Kilbrun is not exactly going to help the future only the police to solve crimes the same way they have in America with 25% of the worlds prisoners and most of them matched the discription were fitted up and are now working for corporates for 70 cents an hour as prison is big business in Amerikka.
Control Me 

Day 49


I could be wrong
I could be right
I could be black
I could be white
I could be right
I could be wrong
I could be white
I could be black

Bye Bye Little Britain, Churchill and some blokes I never heard of but had a load of money and gave it to towns who took it and erected town halls and statues IGNORING the fact that the money was made from Slaves.

Well I have to admit I am totally in support for the whole NEW WORLD and see this as a perfect time to get rid of as much that’s wrong with society and make the changes that ENRICH us all not just the few.

If the world changes its attitudes towards everyone then I think we all need educating I know I do and a conversation with a London cab driver over the past 5 years would make you say STOP THE CAB LET ME OUT....

“ Bloody Uber drivers coming over here , brexit brexit yeah get rid of them foreigners taking our jobs , their views on the black brown or Muslims or? “

Whatever they would make me say


I could be wrong
I could be right
I could be black
I could be white
I could be right
I could be wrong
I could be white
I could be black

If the changes in 2020 turn the tables and everyone has opportunities and pray the banking and Tory Tax Dodgers and their ilk all have to pay SOME TAX then there could be a wonderful new world for my kids and my Uber electric car driver not be working 18 hr days without a shower and we will all be educated to the past and the future world that we old people witnessed being BORN in 2020.

We saw the fall of Apartheid Sth Africa & the fall of the Berlin Wall the opening of the European borders and now the bloody closing and we will have seen the demise of acceptable racism in media TV sport and politics.

Well If you don’t know and need educating what is right and what is wrong don’t ask a BLACK cab driver

I could be wrong
I could be right
I could be black
I could be white
I could be right

Day 48

Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Am I too dumb to understand what is going on around the world? America is on fire 
Donald is still shouting about the economy all he cares about is money power stocks shares and city support but THE PEOPLE are starving the people he swore to SERVE ARE supressed and murdered by the protectors the police. 
The rest of the world are out in the streets anbd tearing down statues that have been requested and campiagns to removee for years the slavers of the past who donated MONEY who made Money from slavery.
Amazon paying peanuts to its employees who can't afford to pay medical and that cpmes withy the job, lose your job lose your medical insurence.
My interest had me go to TED TALKS and I found the amazing Chris Hedges Chris Hedges "Fascism in the Age of Trump" in 2017  and his book America the Farewell Tour and to back him up I found the economist Richard Wolff  : "Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism" Talks at Google  and suddenly I understand.
Am I too dumb or have we been kept in the dark and are still median controlled and DUMBED DOWN 
Investigate #Codid-19 2020 more will be revealed and the public will not be dumbed down and the revolution will not be televised 
Meanwhile NZ is #Covid-19 FREE and undercontrol
5 million NZ led by a leader who cares about PEOPLE and the enviroment that they live in a beautiful country and beautiful people but so far away from our insanity and here comes some Donald Trump disguised chickens.
I think I am avoiding Chickens in 2020 as well because they represent MONEY.

Day 47

John Cage's 4'33"
In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends (Martin Luther King)
Where has  #covid 19 gone ? Millions on the streets around the globe.
No social distancing No Masks for safety just as a disguise for looting or to not be arrested 
Where are all the African American Celebrities ?
Where is Oprah Will Smith and Jade or the basketball stars where are the rich African Americans/
The only solution is get that man out of the White House and rip it up and start again
I can't believe that 2020 we have gone backwards 
But the wonderful thing is the whole world had to make America change just like South Africa Apartheid
America had to be burnt to te ground before it would change 
Day 46

Where is Kanye?

If I had a choice. I have lived in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 1979 and went from high rentals to owning my own apartment /Divorce /homeless/ temporary housing / housing association that saved my life. Today many people are facing repossession of the one thing thing they have worked 20+ years to protect the home. Looking in estate agents windows at what £1.7 million will buy you . not even enough for the flat I paid £100k for in 1984. Do we need to work the nest 25 years to pay these prices ? I went to Norwich on tour 90 mins from London 4 bedroom detached house with everything under £500k. Work from home has to be the way . 90 mins 60 mins 45 mins or 30 mins from London you will still be under £1 million and have a healthy lifestyle. London has changed after #COVID-19 and life will never be the same again .Attitudes have changed and where is Kanye 

Sometime we have to admit that we got it WRONG and rip it up and start again 
Life can start again ...... 
Day 45

Welcome to Jamrock.

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Welcome To Jamrock (Official Video)

Out in the streets they call it murder.
America seems to have forgotten there is a Pandemic and have taken to tbe streets in their 1000s and within a month most will be homeless  due to #covid19 and the government payouts to corporations who put them in government leaving the man on the street really on the street
By November we can only hope they VOTE with as much anger at the presidents comments after the looters come the shooters protecting property shops and goods over people sick old and dying 
We here in the uk will also start to run out of money and patience with bumbling Boris.

Echo Churchill We will fight them on the Beaches as all we have is the weather and a lots of time but the police will clear the parks and beaches yet a month ago in America  ARMED CIVILIANS marched on government buildings and were told politely to go home while unarmed African Americans were pistol whipped run over by SUV and thrown battoned and beaten to the ground. Officers arrested press and even an undercover  FBI agent all they had in common was they were not white
Trump Made America Shit not even again just brand new shit all made when he shut down tbe Pandemic department of government and said why pay when we can hire them if and when we need them a decision that cost 100 000 lives.
November 2020 should see Trump out and Biden is already senile. Time to change your outdated laws drawn up at the time of Jim Crow a president needs to be UNDER 35 and Female. 

Day 44

Crowded House - Weather With You (Official Video)

Everywhere you go always take the weather
So now we are all out in the sunshine and loving working from home who wants life to go back to normal. Was normal really where we should be in 2020? Daily commute, crushed on buses & tubes to get to an office when really everything in that building is in your laptop. 5G is going to change how we live and work and I know DJs bars clubs live concerts and events will never be the same again.

But I also think SCREENS and live streaming, pay per view may well happen and you and millions of others can watch a concert that has an audience of a few hundred that are 2 metres apart. Online on your phone, iPad, laptop, big screen, Sonos, at home wireless or whatever we will want to share experiences, sporting events and music. 

We can only hope the content providers get a bit more than the current rip off from Spotify as its LIVE MUSIC not copyright owned by the music industry. Maybe the tables are about to turn and 2021’s festivals may well have bigger worldwide audiences online than those that attend on site. 

Well I hope so because there is no income in 2020 for most of us ....any techheads out there care to comment? 
Day 39

Today I had a thought that I was very late to buy dinner at M&S, if I had an app it could tell me what store and what time the SELL BY DATE ITEMS WOULD BE ON DISPLAY.

SHAME should be removed from wanting to buy some quality food that is out of your price range when you are currently unable to earn any income. Possibly you find yourself on Universal Credit and or some kind of benefit until life is back to some normality. Also thought Shift working ESSENTIAL WORKERS need quality food and to eat healthily.Then everyone needs essential food to fight off #covid-19 especially vitamins D and C.
M&S food on the high street along with Waitrose are out of the price reach of many of us. On a daily basis we pop in and spot some amazing SELL BY DATE Lobsters, smoked salmon and quite a good spread that would be a treat. But the sell by date is there because it needs to be eaten TODAY. For example it was not available today at 9 45 pm as I headed home after my long walk and safe distance meeting. If my phone had sent me a WhatsApp message with my geo location I could have had quite a treat to cheer me up as we enter another day of uncertainty.
Tighten your belt you are in for a long ride. If you are of a certain age then your parents told you be grateful for the food on your plate, that there was rationing and that African children were starving. You said your prayers and even grace before meals. Treats were red meat or fish n chips. I know I would also like to buy the last sell by date food and put it somewhere outside the store when it closes at 10 00pm for those who can't afford to eat, ‘spare some change mate’ will not be here as digital currency or cash is no longer taken .Think of those who did not eat today in May 2020 in London or America with food banks .The richest country in the world has foodbanks and that was pre #covid-19.
Thank you for this food that I eat today that I can just about afford today because tomorrow may not come for so many.
Day 38 

Cancelled till 2021

LIVE MUSIC Cancellations all of 2020 and what will happen in 2021 with social distancing have we seen the end of the concert experience will we now just watch on iPad - iPhone - plasmas LD Screens interact in apps with fans like a zoom group?  Many artists had tours planned and festivals and even weddings. Groups of people may never go to a sporting event en mass again.

It’s a very scary thought that hugs and physical contact is no longer possible with strangers or non-family members HOW LONG?
This was my plan for 2020 a celebration  Nov 10th 1980 saw the release of Visage debut album inc. Fade to Grey with Gary Numan Official  keyboardist Chris Payne who met Billy Currie on the Gary Numan Tour Gary being a big fan of Ultravox
If you join the dots Rusty Egan and Midge Ure poached Billy Currie and 3 members of Magazine band adding Steve Strange as the face of Visage who was  Rusty's DJ Club partner at The Blitz Club....

Read how Warren Cann, Hans Zimmer, Peter Godwin, Ronny Vuniconnu, Richard James Burgess, Landscape, Spandau Ballet, and many more were all making music and working together during this amazing period. Plans are to perform this music in 2020 but #Covid-19 has cancelled live performances and change how we will ever enjoy live concerts for the foreseeable future.

But the music lives on and has been emastered by while Midge Ure was joined for the start of the Midge Ure Visage/Vienna Tour back in 2019 by Rusty telling stories first and then drums and vocals, Glorious his song written with Rusty Egan and Chris Payne has been greeted well by his many fans from his last compilation album. 

The song was on Rusty Egan's Welcome to the dancefloor 2017 album  that featured collaborations with Peter Hook Tony Hadley and many new young artists that Rusty has grown to love via his radio shows inspiring him to collaborate on the Welcome to the remix Vol 2 Album with many. Rusty Egan Presents

Tiny Magnetic Pets joined OMD on 2 tours and completed the UK and European dates with Midge at Rusty's request winning audiences for their strong melodic synth pop. Rusty has collaborated with them on a new release planned for later in the year and they will release 3 EP's on all digital platforms. 

Check out Rusty Egan Presents here and Chi Ming Lai joins all the dots in this informative article . Who knows what is to come for live music in 2021 but we do know more beautiful music is being made during lockdown and will make 2021 an interesting year for creative’s.
Day 37

America, the most powerful?

America, the most powerful country in the world or so it says
…and with the biggest army
…and a failing economy
…and food banks
…and 40% of the population can't live on their income
…and yet they still can’t accept that China silently and openly shares information
…and are hardworking
…and way ahead of many countries in the world
…oh and they have skyscrapers as well. 
With BIG PHARMA in USA charging for a vaccine or even a TEST this is no good news for money obsessed Americans how can anyone justify giving away a cure. 
Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to make any coronavirus vaccine universally available once it’s developed.
“Covid-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good, which will be China’s contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries,
On May 6th 2020 it was announced that Trump is handing his son-in-law the responsibility of helping to develop a coronavirus vaccine by the end of year.
Trump was looking to sell it. Surely this is enough proof that America is only a market of sellers and consumers for profit. The rest of the world has leaders who are voted in by a democratic system and represent their people.... that sadly is not happening in America. 

5G – SpaceX – Bill Gates - Donald Trump – Artificial Intelligence – Google – Facebook – Apple – Microsoft – HP Inc- Intel - Amazon – Alphabet Inc –

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss Those Harvard boys who asked Marc Zuckerberg  if he could digitise the yearbook and overnight they gave him the idea for facebook and sued him then converting the millions in to billions of bitcoin   I’m Afraid Of Americans

If they were not in the game, if they were not trying to be the biggest the best the richest the most powerful etc if they just stayed in America, kept out of world politics and enriched Americans and cleaned up their own back yard so to speak we could all sleep at night. I’m Afraid Of Americans 

One of them is all it takes for all hell to break loose and they are all crazy with or without all the guns that they SHOUT so loudly they have a 2nd Amendment right to carry or even open carry while their kids try to accept that every month it could be them next at school to be gunned down I’m Afraid Of Americans THEY REALLY DO BEILEVE Fox News

If anyone with a voice of hope or reason gets above the pivotal with some sort of hope for the majority they get smeared and or tarnished in some way and or god forgive shot dead anything but let them take away our guns and raise taxes and min wages for the workers who should be thanking us for letting them work for us I’m Afraid Of Americans because from what I can see they have reached a level so low it can only end in disaster meaning riots on the streets and then them trigger happy fat boys will be having a ball with them toys for the boys 

Comedian Louis CK prior to the smear campaign [ kill a school full of kids we remember it for a few months get your manhood out in front of a woman who had a choice to leave the room  ] and it is still in your media . He once joked if he had a choice between being White America or African American he said I choose white oh yes every time Louis CK explains the concept of white male privilege in a hilarious way. 

Louis CK "White Male Privilege" - 3% Conference  at least Americans can find humour when so much serious issues are needing intelligent humanitarian decision makers  
Day 36

What day is it?
Days weeks and months go by in #covid-19 and we seem to accept life and all it throws at us as we watch the fake news media spew up more unclear instructions of what we can and cannot do in the Uk while some countries seem to have tackled it and are off to a phase 2. 
Piers Morgan is asking questions the government ministers brave or stupid enough to accept his offer can't give the right answers to and if you ask Trump he just shuts you down if you ask a question he doesn't like calling it a stupid question err like you mean a question you can't answer is a stupid question. 
What I surmise from the media circus is STAY AT HOME. 
Let the dumb and dumber go back to work and don't go until parliament seats are full on a daily basis. 
If pms are not back to work nor should non essential workers and forget Richard Branson he finally worked out he could dilute his shareholding in Virgin Galactic a poor mans SpaceX  a tourist tour of what SpaceX is doing in space actually delivering solutions to remote parts of the planet. 
Branson is only one of Boris Johnson's essential employers who have their hands out.
Without being too political the UK and America have the highest figures of loss yet the slowest response in fact airport's carrying passengers from all over are still not checked. 
I am staying home till mps are at their seats in parliament and i advise you.
Read the blogs of some more influential and informed on this site and make up your minds I don't even know what day it is wtf do i know i mean its all fake news right? Wrong is coming from the horses mouth INVESTIGATE!!!!
Day 30

To those we lost

Today were are informed of the passing of founding member of Kraftwerk the German Electronic music making ensemble not band or group but technicians Florian Schneider.
We are in Lockdown and Isolation and with loads of time to reflect on our past and future and to think what did do or what time do we have left to leave our mark?
Florian spent 40 years being a contributor to Kraftwerk leaving only Ralf Hutter the only original member in the line-up for the past decade to tour the back catalogue and revisit material for the 3D tour that continues around the globe on possibly the final tour of the finest export from Germany if you love Electronic 

In Lockdown i was told a week before this announcement and asked to be discreet and private.
I did not say or repeat anything  on this matter but only thought of a lonely unattended funeral as exactly what Florian would have wanted.  No fuss just here today for 73 years and gone during #covid-19 along with thousands more being victims.
As my world of musical heroes grows smaller as my social media reach grows larger I wonder how i can wipe my data from history and close all my apps emails and just disappear. Is there an app for that?
Death is now no longer friends and family and condolences it's shared on Facebook with comments from strangers and friends of strangers.  So many have died in 2020 and i know would not have wished to have no funeral or even a grave or wake....just gone...

But not forgotten EVER.
Thank you Florian I hope the social media treats you with the respect I know you have had with me for 40years.
An inspiration and pioneer 
There is now a website called that is commemorating the lives of those we have lost from coronavirus. Take a look and leave a message of condolence for those we lost or add a memorial to a loved one. Its free.

Day 29


Anti Lockdown
There are people organising protestests asking you and the family to show up with banners etc and end ths lockdown/ Is this in Engnalnd ? Canada America YES!!! 
Protestests are not just in Trumpland but they are not being reported as much and faceook is blocking groups 
I recently posted I am not going out till Sept , I don't believe that Covid-19 will just go away because the goverment have said it's relaxing its rules . Some places are open and busy and lots of people are out on the streets , No masks , no gloves , deliveres and online shopping making some people wealthy while others have no income and no way of earning so the credit cards are maxed out. 
They want to go back to work or should I say need to go back to work . The banks are now in serious OD 
and income is needed. 
So resturants may never open again and a lot of small biz owners may never come back from this blow 
how much longer is the question but how SAFE will it be is my question
I think I will wait it out at least a month after the lockdown is lifted well the over 60's they say may be vunerable 
Its your call 

Day 28 

This is the first song we roots have to play when lockdown is over
1 Things can only get better or 
2 I'm Free The Soup Dragons - I'm Free (Official Video)

Sean Dickson AKA Hifi Sean was once in his youth a member of The Soup Dragons and not dissimilar to one time Housemartin Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim carve out a new career as a DJ producer and will be forever known for this part in the anthem by Soup Dragons "  Im Free ". 

Prior to Lockdown this song was used by Julian Harley Brewer for her support of Brexit not akin to Sean's views and he sent out a tweet saying how he felt that this song was not written for the views of these people. His working class Scottish roots were not now or ever going to support the government. What ensued was months of online bullying by her media supporters of Sean's very simple quote that when we when we made the record.

 " re all your smart Stones fans the line 'Don't be afraid of your freedom' was added by myself and not on the original to include what I was talking about regarding why we did the track at the time to have it part of a Brexit playlist defeats the whole reason why it was made.

Sadly once your song is out there anyone might care to use it for their own interpretation and own beliefs and YOU can be associated with THEM from a song you made 30 years ago.
In the late 80's whilst going through all the tapes sent to the label Mother Records a venture set up at Island Records by U2 to give a helping hand to aspiring Irish bands I came across a tape by Tie The Boy it had strong lyrics strong melodies and quite good potential and I sent this and all the contact details for Peter Cunnah to Dave Pennyfeather who was the boss in Dublin. Like all the tapes or artists I found that was the end of my part and now if it took the interest of Dave it might get to U2 who make the final decision and I knew that really U2 were paying me back with this job to help me over my being swindled out of my own companies by my unscrupulous biz partner while I was honeymooning [ Always in the music biz] that aside I met with Peter and gave words of encouragement some contacts etc and over a few years in my turmoil I told a few people about this guy I thought was great but I was not in a position to do anything. Well some of those people were always looking for talent and he managed to get to London record some songs and get a Mgnt deal and a new name etc 
It was all going well until The Labor Party decided that his song D-Ream Things Can Only Get Better would be the perfect anthem to get them into Downing Street and the song shot to No1 and D-Ream broke around the world and Peter Cunnah had a couple of amazing years but soon after Oasis and Britpop burst on to the radio and the invites to No 10 were accepted the music industry was being used to make the party seem down with da kids and cool even using the Union Jack on guitars and covers of music mags Labour and Britpop were one.
Hifi Sean is an outstanding producer and DJ today, he is also very private and will not do anything for fame and fortune or use his status to support celebrities on prime time TV with their unimportant views on our polital appointed MPs and there beliefs about what is right and wrong. He makes people happy and he makes music the rest is up to the singer or in Sean's case the guest vocalist on his music. His last No 1 dance record was Testify ft Crystal Waters it was and is a perfect uplifting piece of pop for radio but the club mixes merge Motown with House a perfect record and Crystal's political opinions are La da Di La Da Da repeat .
Or as we say it’s all LA DI DA

Day 27  

The Lockdown exit plan?
I would like to have some good news for you and can’t seem to keep a straight face when hearing from our beautiful celebrities so on a cheery note the Ricky Gervais podcast has been enjoyable to watch as he shares his distaste for celebrities moaning from their mansions and a few tongue in cheek TikToks have appeared mocking the celebs silly messages encouraging others to post why don’t the celebs just shut up till it’s over they add nothing to people dealing with loss.

Well Bitch Media seems to have echoed my own feelings Celebrity Pandemic Posts Have Us Wondering—Do We Need Famous People? I now I don’t but how about you? 

I am staying at home till September

Do you want to get out there, participate in life as we knew it yes we do but reading all the information here on Air My Opinion I wonder should we still be very cautious?

The last to open I think will be bars clubs restaurants cafes and basically all the places where we would get together with friends.

Travelling, Concerts, Swimming Pools, Health Clubs & Parks and Sports events anywhere with crowds of people I think will all be at a later stage of the Lockdown exit.

I can’t wait sit outside in the sunshine with friends with coffee or more and catch up but as a fan of the Peaky Blinders set in between the wars there were more deaths with Pandemics Back then and they came in 2nd waves as well.

Well I have quite enjoyed a few weeks and got a lot done but yes we  all need to earn a crust except the billionaires they have earned from the pandemic as well except poor Richard Branson WHO WANTS TO SEND THE CAP ROUND FOR A COLLECTION.
Day 26

Cha Cha Changes 

Is there going to be a vaccine for covid-19? 
More than 90 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 by research teams in companies and universities across the world.
There is no vaccine for the common cold we here everyone say and it kills millions world wide. Bill Gates 2015 Ted Talk already pointed out exactly what was coming and 2016 Trump closed the the program A decision to wind down the program was made, however, in September, just three months before the first reports of people becoming infected with Covid-19 in Wuhan, China
If a vaccine is ready who will pay ? And who will benefit? and will there be a return to normal life?
What is normal.  Not washing hands. Wet markets Halal and slaughter houses. Eating dogs killed alive etc will it all carry on or will we try to adapt and change our ways and make laws and changes to protect the planet thay has shown us its beauty during lockdown is this not a warning that life could be much better if we change our ways?

Rusty Egan Diary Part II

Day 25

The world without pollution, rude and selfish people, cyclists motorists pedestrians and public transport all rushing to get somewhere they are late for is 2 months ago. Already we are seeing images across the world of rivers and sky’s clearing of the sun shining on the only breaks we allow ourselves yet those same arguing confrontational people are defying all advice and treating Covid-19 as some kind of extended holiday.

Its wonderful to see LA, Venice & London's streets deserted with clean quiet air. Now we see in some places animals are entering the cities on adventures. I wonder if private cars trucks etc should be in the city in daytime? Deliveries at night might be a better way, what new lessons could be learned?

Home offices on Zoom / Etc, DJ's play to bars and clubs from their own home .Streaming on to a screen. Same music at the same time in a dozen bars one DJ from his home. Start at 10:30pm – 03:00am never leaves the house requests in the chat.   Deliveroo ? Dinner parties?

The parks are filling up, the signs for social distancing in shops are ignored and people are getting closer and looking for an argument should you show some discomfort at their ignorance of the Government suggestions.

If there were a waiting room in Heaven or purgatory and you saw this person who last touched you, or your shopping basket or the self serve machine or that drink you picked up after they did would you like to say "Hey I did everything suggested why am I here?" and you are told "well there are some idiots out there who just want to cause problems and never pay attention to suggestions or the law". That and Donald Trump wanting to open up the economy again means it must be OK now.

Is it OK? Do you feel that we have lost all these hospital workers plus worldwide pandemic figures reported as declining means its ok?
I think I will wait a bit longer. I want to be positive about the lockdown and say that I think I would like to see 2021 and its better safe than sorry so it may be sunshine outside but I intend to follow the suggestions and STAY HOME STAY SAFE 
Day 24
Welcome to My Nightmare

The amazing news is @universal Credit is doing the job and confirms payments to many self employed who previously thought they were not going to get assistance. They also suggested to contact your council tax department of your council. 

Well having logged in to  @RBK&C Council Tax Claim during #corona-19 and Filling in forms for @universal credit / council tax I found myself locked out and tries all the prompts in my email my username and a new usernames 10 digit number allocated to me via the forgot your email user name prompts.

Your email address is not your username and the site told me   “As you requested via our website on 22/04/2020 at 14:48:06,   your username has been reset to: 10 numbers.

This is a temporary password and you will be prompted to change it when first used.
If you have further problems logging in, please contact us on 01234 567890 and we will investigate.
A turn out this is an incorrect number. So I failed there and it’s back to the blackboard and back in the studio where things are going great, It’s great to have no interruptions and emails from concert promoters in Europe saying they should be back in Sept and are happy to book Rusty Egan Presents – Visage 1980 -2020 the 40th yr celebration of the debut album of Visage a concept put together by Midge Ure and myself adding The Blitz Club cofounder Steve Strange as our FACE hence the name Visage. 

At the time 1979 it seemed cool to use languages like Depeche Mode or name record Labels Le Disc Du Crepuscule etc and Visage meaning Face was a faceless project for some very talented musicians leaving Steve Strange to enjoy his fame in the Videos and covers  that he with some very innovate people created to accompany the music we created  behind closed doors.
Forget the claim. I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE the sun is shining. Take a walk and calm down and think about the music and the claim can wait until Manyana Manyana Manyana
Day 23


WHO STATS 20 04 2020

Coronavirus Cases:2,443,211

Deaths: 167,953

Recovered: 640,252

USA  770,076

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Trump?

Donald Trump a great leader?  Another 4 years? Thousands on the streets claiming its safe to go back to work and the facts and advisers are wrong and Mr Trump is right. It’s painful to watch the most powerful country in the world with the biggest arms according to Trump  reduced to near defeat by its own ego and ignorance as Dave Chappell on SNL election night said.

“Well done America you have elected an internet TROLL as president “.

Added to its ignorance its racism is displayed every day today its headline US police handcuff Black doctor who tests homeless for COVID-19.
You could not make it up, one African American was arrested outside a hospital smoking for attempted theft of his DRIP.

How many lives will be lost due to the leaders decisions?

Well they are nearly at twice the loss of the Vietnam war and it looks like if the lift the ban and the Florida beaches are filling up who knows well The Donald wants to lift the lockdown to protect the economy.
I might have to remind The Donald that he swore.

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and I will well and faithfully discharge .
Well we wait and watch

Day 22

Isolation   Boy George

#Covid-19 Music created during lockdown.

Hifi Sean posted on his social media how much music he has managed to create during lockdown.

Artists spend so much time promoting and working and less time in the studio creating.

Lockdown will have given these artists the time to actually make the music.

The future for record labels is not discovering talent and marketing it to you the public via the established radio TV Media channels that have proved successful for them the labels and less for the artists who sold their souls. But the artists have millions in the bank how do you see that at not successful.

Well looking at it in the old way yes they have millions in the bank from OTHER SOURCES not from the music. The music streams and radio plays earn them a fraction and the record labels the biggest low cost and highest return. Now that Lockdown has artists direct in contact with fans via streaming there is NO RECORD LABEL in that relationship.  

The future for Record Labels is to be the artist’s partners in managing the millions of fans requirements from music – streaming- concerts- merchandise – live streams then sponsorship and social media. A real star a real PRINCE George Michael or Michael Jackson could have get $100 per year from each fan and they have now something like 50 million fans , look at the streaming stats on YouTube and Spotify "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran (pictured) is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 2.4 Billion streams

DJs are all set up in the home studio playing music that is BLOCKED under Copyright laws .That’s the Public Performance Licence .You can’t play music to the public if the public are directly hearing it and no one is being paid.

If it’s a bar club shop whatever they have to have a PPL AND THE DJS JUST SHOW UP AND PLAY but streaming from home to the public via Face book and many other platforms is reaching the public using music that is protected.

The owners of YOUR OWN MUSIC is you, and if you play it and someone records it and then makes an MP3 and uploads it as THEM You would be very upset but also it was YOU that gave them the music prior to registering and protecting it.
Creating is the easy bit for musicians and DJs understanding all the protections and copyrights and owing and earning from them is where THEY NEED a Record Company they need advice and simple easy ways to earn a living and a good living it is from making music.

The future for record labels is to play at being your best friend and partners while YOU OWN THE MUSIC.
Day 21 

Interview with Rusty Egan

Q: What has changed for you in the last week?
OTHER WAYS TO EARN INCOME FROM MUSIC. Owning music can, with the new platforms over time, be a good source of income .At the moment with Spotify, YouTube and the big players it’s all one way traffic. NO CONTENT NO DEAL 
Q: What are you thinking about doing next? 
Setting up a platform for fan to artists in a Blockchain been on it 5 years since I saw 
Q: Do you relish doing things that you never done before? 
Yes I love to go outside my comfort zone, so much that I end up with little income for long periods as my own music income was stolen. 

Q: Do you prefer to take on large or small projects? 
Large hence long and hard. I have another one like TikTok but again for real talented people but an Idea is one thing making it happen is a process.

Q: How do you feel when you see all the negativity about COVID19? 
Ignorance, I relate everything to the life of Christ and the Crucifixion; ‘forgive them for they know not what they do .... ‘ I look at America and see not the richest country in the world, nor the best.  I see a sad society of the haves and the have not’s and the people have to break all the laws. Rich or Poor the system is wrong and lawbreaking is a way of life. Rip it up and start again.

 Q: How do you feel about being told to stay home? 
After a life on the road or out in clubs parties and events I am at the age where I really should try to stay in. Well I think a lot of people have found new ways to make friends and to work from home I can only hope that all the office spaces are granted Planning Permission for low cost housing and that all the people realise they can move out of the big cities if they own a home and they can live 1 hr from the city with everything a family needs and less financial pressure and ego and status are removed.

Get a Tesla and get a travel app for everything and manage your life by what you really can or can’t afford and stop living the dream you are not there yet .The dream is already here if you have a partner children and a career now downsize and be happy. 

Q: How do you feel about the Governments narrative on COVID19?
Not a fan of the way the Government were too slow to act and not sure that the people in power are actually leaders, yes they are MPs but really just appointed people to ensure the rich powerful people stay in control, The treatment by Murdoch press of Labour or any other possible leader is disgusting and I think the people have seen that the PM gets Covid-19 treated in a NHS Hospital where a big bus could be outside his window saying £350m per week to keep the people of Britain or anyone who falls ill on our soil from death would have been taken away if he had or if he does still want his Brexit. He would have been treated not by British nurses no our girls can make more money per week at Tesco.   

DAY 20


Westminster Bridge they came out to clap – nobody was adhering to the 2 metre ruling.

Fighting in the streets – shops – Lockdowns in pubs – purposely infecting public hand rails licking them and spreading disease.

Ignoring lockdown, travelling, days out, runners, families is out in the sunshine.

Who are our Heroes? Other than the NHS there are a load of people keeping the country running they are our essential services. What must they be thinking seeing the news after gruelling shifts and deadlines are these people WORTH the effort?

Across the Atlantic Trump is trying to get America back up again and his supporters are out on the streets letting you know they NEED to be back earning. Landlords want the rent, the kids need to eat, no one can survive in American one month without a pay check.  The richest country in the world and they are SLAVES to the $$$.

Opening up America Again too early?

The US currently has 654,301 confirmed cases and 32,186 deaths due to the virus, and Mr Trump has suggested some states could reopen this month.

Well he is your elected leader and has ignored WHO and his own advisors and his people BELIEVE HE IS RIGHT.

Well let them decide If I lived in America as soon as a flight was available I would he off to the Caribbean.

The only good can be that #Covid-19 ends Mr Trump’s term in Nov with the results of his decisions to make America great again

"America wants to be open and Americans want to be open," he said. "A national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term solution."

Well at least the Europeans can look at themselves and see that the Brits have the idiots but The Americans want to put Trumps advice before the rest of the world’s advisors and the WHO.

Boy they really do believe this guy, mind you it’s the country of the evangelists they will just all tell the virus to go away at 8:00pm and believe it will, while we all clap for the Dr’s Nurses on the front line and sadly we have our village idiots but as it says in the bible...

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up His garments by casting lots. 

The people stood watching, and the rulers sneered at Him, saying, “He saved others; let Him save Himself if He is the Christ of God, the C

In Isolation Rickey says I’m not a real DJ  

I AM A BIG FAN OF Ricky Gervais, His Extra parody Andy Milman will do anything to be famous as he thinks he has talent and “After this is over I never want to hear people moaning about the welfare state again, I never want to hear people moaning about nurses again,” the British comedian said “These people are doing 14-hour shifts and not complaining.  Wearing masks, and being left with sores, after risking their own health and their families’ health selflessly.  But then I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool. And, you know, honestly, I just don’t want to hear it.”

“I had no money growing up, I didn’t have any until I was 40. But I still had everything,” he continued. “My mum, she gardened, she grew, she cooked, she sewed, she knitted, she decorated, she did everything she could. And she gave me everything I wanted except money. I also realized growing up that all the best things were free — friends, nature, learning and healthcare.”

“And that’s why I gladly pay my taxes. And that’s why I clap the NHS,” he added of the U.K.’s publicly funded healthcare system.

I think money’s for the safety of your family and friends, and you can’t take it with you.”

Well there you have it a rich celebrity who pays taxes , has no interest in cars , money and flash clothes and all the other things we wanted to buy but could not afford the trainers for £1000 , the Kardashians  and all the cheap and nasty cheating gossip and low life’s we all watch in the SCUM, The paper that causes suicides and the tv shows taking nobody’s into the limelight and then we get Rylan Clark - Neal and extra white teeth suntans and cheap throwaway clothes  the Larry Grayson of 2020 showing the TV world how far they have advanced in their creativity.

Wiki says

The BBC is established under a Royal Charter[10] and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.[11] Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee[12] which is charged to all British households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts and iPlayer catch-up.[13] The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament,[14] and used to fund the BBC's radio, TV, and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK. Since 1 April 2014, it has also funded the BBC World Service (launched in 1932 as the BBC Empire Service), which broadcasts in 28 languages and provides comprehensive TV, radio, and online services in Arabic and Persian.

I have been trolling the BBC for years saying why do they not support our talented instead they shine a light on the untalented who think they are but instead they have ruined our musical culture as has out music industry for supporting it and the playlists of these Radio tv stations are dominated by the crap manufactured.

Let’s get back to basics the BBC is a publicly funded ,Wiki says The BBC is established under a Royal Charter[10] and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.[11] Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee[12] which is charged to all British households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts and iPlayer catch-up.[13] The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament,[14] and used to fund the BBC's radio, TV, and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK. Since 1 April 2014, it has also funded the BBC World Service (launched in 1932 as the BBC Empire Service), which broadcasts in 28 languages and provides comprehensive TV, radio, and online services in Arabic and Persian.

Where in that can you see the compete with ITV and Independent radio for stats? Where is the sponsorship? The advertising the brands?  No it’s funded to provide a service to the people who already have the crap served to them by the hundreds of pre-programmed targeted media. Absolutesitradio. Same 40 songs oin rotation with 60 second pre spoken inks by the voice or faceless being called a radio presenter , not A DJ .

They are all on streaming with years of knowledge about music. Radio is not about the music anymore its about content presented in a certain way be D List presenters otherwise called celebrities from Chroley FM its Smashy ad Nicey totally out of touch with the generation they are presenting.

The BBC should remember the swinging 60;s when radio was so far behind the next generation created Radio Caroline djs worked for free because they loved the music same again in Punk and then Acid house the bbc did not EVER played the music or provide what our culture created they are always late to the party.   

Day 18 Lockdown

MONEY!!  I’m all right Jack keep your hands off my stack

Benefits street  used to be an insulting working class unemployed and insultingly titled  chav TV show depicting  possible ASBO offenders daily lives.

April 2020 # Corona virus Almost one million register for benefits as Britons pay heavy price for corona virus pandemic.
Will the behaviour of corporate Britain’s offshore tax dodging companies and the wealthy business owners continue to ask for government bailouts make the public?

So the company directors who all sold shares and resigned in Feb 2020

Jeff Bezos sold $3.4bn of Amazon stock just before Covid-19 collapse  the world’s wealthiest person, is $5.5bn (£4.3bn) richer today than he was at the start of the year.

Tuesday, Feb. 25 should be officially named “The Day of the CEO Departure.” 

MONEY!!  I’m all right Jack keep your hands off my stack

The trend continued in January 2020 with 219 chief executives calling it quits. The number represents the highest CEO departures on a monthly basis since 2008. Are they getting out while the getting is good?

When CEOs vacate their positions while the stock market is trading at record highs, it can be a sign that the business cycle has peaked. Massive insider selling of shares adds weight to this theory.

List of CEOs stepping down this year leading up to and since the recent market turmoil:
1.       Microsoft, Bill Gates, 3/13 after forever
2.       UPS, David Abney, 3/12 (after 6Y)
3.       Disney CEO, Bob Iger, 2/25 (after 15 Y)
4.       MasterCard CEO, Ajay Banga, 2/25 (after 10 Y)
5.       Salesforce CEO, Keith Block, 2/25 (after 18 M)
6.       Uber Eats VP, Jason Droege, 2/25 (after 6 Y)
7.       Outdoor Voices CEO, Tyler Haney, 2/25 (after 8 Y)
8.       Cansortium Cannabis CEO, Jose Hidalgo, 2/25 (after 5 Y)
9.       St. Luke's Hospital CEO, Christine Candio, 2/25 (after 5 Y) (one of St. Louis' biggest hospitals)
10.   JCPenney CMO, Shawn Gensch, 2/25 (after 9 M)
11.   Bowers & Wilkins CEO Gregory Lee, 2/24 (after 2 M)
12.   Bowers & Wilkins CFO Gideon Yu, 2/24 (after 4 Y)
13.   L Brands CEO, Les Wexner, 2/20 (after 57 Y)
14.   Credit Suisse CEO, Tidjane Thiam, 2/13 (after 5 Y)
15.   MGM CEO, Jim Murren, 2/12 (after 12 Y)
16.   Aurora Cannabis CEO, Terry Booth, 2/6 (+other big cuts)
17.   LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, 2/5 (after 11 Y)
18.   HULU CEO, Randy Freer, 1/31 (after 2 Y)
19.   IBM CEO , Ginni Rometty, 1/30 (after 8 Y)
20. CEO, Mandy Ginsberg, 1/29 (health)
21.   International Airlines Group (IAG) CEO, Willie Walsh, 1/9 (after 9 Y)

Insider information was a CRIMMINAL OFFENCE or was it? Everyone knew what was coming but no one was saying don’t buy sell. 

Money, get away
Get a good job with more pay and you're O.K.
Money, it's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I'll buy me a football team

Money, get back
I'm all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, it's a hit
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit
I'm in the high-fidelity first-class traveling set
And I think I need a Learjet

Money, it's a crime
Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away

"Ha-ha! I was in the right!"
"Yes, absolutely in the right!"
"I certainly was in the right!"
"Yeah, I was definitely in the right. That geezer was cruising for a bruising!"
"Why does anyone do anything?"
"Why does anyone do anything?"
"I don't know, I was really drunk at the time!"
"I was just telling him it was in, he could get it in Number Two. He was asking why it wasn't coming up on freight eleven. After, I was yelling and screaming and telling him why it wasn't coming up on freight eleven. It came to a heavy blow, which sorted the matter out."
Day 17

So you are a DJ music producer and have all your summer gigs booked from 2019 , all the gigs you were doing building your fan base and releasing your music and your trips to Miami Music Conference in Jan was gearing up for an amazing 2020 summer.

Carl Cox – Paul Oakenfold and many more had millions of £££ of bookings EVERYTHNING IS NOW CANCELLED AND YOU ARE NOW AT HOME .

Well why not DJ online and invite your fans to join in.

Some have hundreds and some have millions of people dancing around the garden / Lounge /Kitchen while OUTSIDE Nurse and essential workers carry on trying to fight #Covid-19 and mass graves we hear are being built somewhere in the uk. 10 000 deaths reported or related to Covid-19.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Do we all just sit and wait in silence? Do we morn uk citizens we don’t know with the little information we do have.

Well I know I am just going to put my headphones on click GO LIVE and I hope help others to get through the days with their Sonos in the room or headphones on wireless.

Technology has brought us everything we need to broadcast from a laptop is perfect sound and not so good laptop vision. We can try to use the mobile and make it better but it’s the music sound and the djs selections that matter.

So Here we go superstar djs.

Follow me here and get alerts when I am on but just search in Google and find that there are hundreds of people not just djs all online and performing something and you do need to LEAVE YOUR HOME 

Day 16

A father posted in his social media I went to the shops and brought home Covid-19 to my family .
Feb- March April 2020 I have been informed of the passing of old school friends , old music industry friends and associates , friends family members and many I don t know , but Death and Passing during Covid-19 means NO FUNERAL - No Goodbye and No sharing the grief with ANYONE outside your home. 
IMAGINE  DYING ALONE over a period of days or weeks and not having contact with your loved ones. It puts Covid-19  into a bracket of a sick way to leave .One day you are ok and pop out to the shops , possibly pick up an item that has been picked up by many before replaced and now its in your hands.
There are sprays and papers right next to the baskets you know the one where you pick it up ny the handle then replace it when you leave that basket . DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING
Yet , on my daily food and healthy walk I see NORMAL ACTIVITY .. This does not look like a LOCKDOWN there are people just enjoying the weather for hours and many homeless and more just doing what they always do 
Well I won't be ...........I wanna Live and dj stream and hope and pray that this changed the world and the people for the better 

Day 14

TVOD or Television Overdose (The Normal)

Theories? G5 ? Bill Gates 
WTF is happening ? its like a prison and rumors are flying about the outside world. 
What is happening ? Who caused this ? Why are they putting up the G5 ariels ? Look what happening to the trees? Where are all the birds ? 
2020 started with a lot of people SELLING SHARES while the race to the white house by others and the stay in the white house team were swatting them away with information , damaging information.
Who is pulling the strings ? Is it China ? Bill Gates ? Epstein did know it all and was taken out of the frame before he revealed it ? The slimeballs are in the HOUSE OF CARDS and we are all David Ike's 
All I know is Ignorance is Bliss and it will all be back to normal for the normal that's us , the people who are in the Matrix . The rest is and always has been way over our heads .

Day 12

Self promotion of your biz.

Online self promotion seems to be anyone who needs to reach people to sell what they do.
Previously we would hire a pr and get into magazines radio and tv . Today you hire a social media marketing team the more money you have the bigger and better the team.
If you are a self employed anything your profile is your calling card. Djs personal trainer Dog Walker Interior designer party planner wedding planner so many self employed are now unemployed yet still need to maintain the image of success but this is the most devastating blow to many who have spent years building a brand loyal  customers and now are not even going to be compensated inc myself. 
Many will be bankrupted because of Coronavirus.
I was bankrupted by the IR in 2015 for submitting child care after the loss of my wife. This was not acceptable to the IR and they demanded £30k.
At 55yrs old I had my PRS or music income taken so finally I was now getting only my paltry amount from PRS
No Royalties all stolen by Steve Strange no music publishing all stolen by Warner Chappell music  
No income from over 50 records all stolen by John Pitcher of MRC Digital from a lifetime of music still selling and streaming.
The music industry is full of self employed and some bug guns are advancing artists now instead of the usual 12 months behind paydays in April and Dec.
Well done but it's possible today for Instant transparency and Digital payments.
Its time for change and its time for musicians not to be robbed using old systems set up last century.
I will take my music back upload it on my label and wair for the writ
Why ? Because I need to eat and you don't pay so?
You have no rights. Desperate situations cause action.....

Day 11


Everything I had achieved in Life had either been lost stolen or taken or broken.
Everything I have felt over the years has pierced my body caused me pain but not even dented my soul.
Everything I prayed to happen did not and everything that did was I learned meant to be.

I had plans, dreams aspirations and I thought that they would if I tried hard enough come to fruition, but I was not and never was the maker of my destiny that it seems was up to the universe.

I thought I was finished I could not take it anymore I am now and never was broken or defeated; I was only stepping out for a while taking a back seat and out of the way and let someone else drive.

Where I am now is not where I intended to be and it’s not by far the end of this road
That road grew longer and wider the journey became something to enjoy not endure
Each twist and turn, hill and lay-by is there for a reason i can blindly drive by or I can 
take it slow . I’m no longer in a rush to get to my destination, in fact i am taking it as slow as i I can as slow as I would like to.
I had been running on empty for half of my life, I thought I had nothing left in me 21yrs ago , but i just keep on moving with hope , courage and no fear in my heart . 

Is there another 21yrs? Am I only halfway through ? Can I enjoy and linger each passing sunset and wish there was many many more ?
Have I failed to see that for more than half my life it was there all the time but I could not see it, that I needed to be beaten , broken and all my worldly goods taken that all that mattered my soul was intact and stronger for its journey and was now my guide. 

My only regret is I started this journey with my love the one who asked “ Will you grow old with me and never leave me “ , Yes I said and forevermore, but the harsh Journey was too much for many who have gone and now I continue on alone alone alone alone.
Words and Music Rusty Egan and Vermair 2018

Rusty Egan Diary Part I

Day 10

What have we learned about working from home?

I have worked from home most of my life, self-employed, no work no pay no luxuries. I don't have any luxuries.

I only have a lifestyle I love and a job I love and family I love and friends i love. Wow!! Amazing I can’t take holidays in 5 star hotels or fly anything but budget but because I have friends who love me and vice versa I have a wonderful life. I think my total debts if I had a windfall would all be covered with £75k I mean everything, all the mates and loans and gifts and bailouts.

It was that in Jan and it’s that in April Inc. the taxman. Some people have a car worth more.

I have had to say bye bye to some amazing beautiful women who could have made my life even more wonderful but they need security, they can’t live like me, they love uber I walk or public transport , they need deliveroo I knock up a pasta for £5 00. They need legroom and early boarding, I get on last get off last. They need a bigger car hire I need the cheapest, they are not sure about my mates and i am happy wherever I lay my hat for a day a week a month. They need their little luxuries I can live out of a suitcase. The single life is a hell of a lot cheaper and I don’t date. Why? 

I have lived on a overdraft waiting for the BIG CORPORATE CHECKS TO CLEAR. They only pay at the end of the month and often the end of the following month.

I get some freebies or great discounts on clothes and my fav Jeffery West Shoes.

Free nights out and some club memberships thanks to the The Groucho Club Ltd. & The Union Club Soho.  Tramps – The Wellington The Court and many more still welcome the old DJ face from back in the day [ 2000-2015] others from the 90’s and even some from the 80’s .

I get to play at pizza express live some 80’s Festivals and some 80's events at Butlin's and loads of private parties, so in short my love of music is my life and my social life and it's now all STOPPED. 

I am constantly sharing my stories of meeting the sharks that have robbed me of my income from music. 

The most disloyal scumbags are drawn to this industry for the glam and the fact that it's so full of loopholes and easy ways to dupe the artist and creators who like me often succumb to the failed marriage, the drugs and the booze then wake up to find they have been robbed by their won manger mate or wife.  

I therefore do not receive royalties only some song writing income and that’s a pittance so it’s all live music for me.

So back to doing what you love for a fraction of what you are paid to do what you are good at making money for others who give you a good living that you then splash like water because it’s going to last forever right?  WRONG!!!! 

With all the technology available to mankind Zoom Video Communications providing small companies with up to 100 online meetings, with remote homes costing a fraction of a city dwelling, with trains costing a fortune for the commute and traffic fines and police time wasted on the motorist instead of criminals with the underground so crowded its rife for sickness and with the homeless in a cashless society councils earning from fines and bad signage.

IF THE PEOPLE worked from HOME.

Look how peaceful and clean and wonderful the world would be, if we were not all striving every day to make MONEY LOADSAMONEY!!!!!!  Yes mate “Shut your mouth and look at my wedge“


Or just enough to keep the wolves from your door?

Like me I have to call a mate who inherited or made a fortune and borrow every now and then and I have to say THANK YOU, I am only able to survive because a few very generous mates have helped me out for the past 20 years and I made a few introductions that have paid off and believe it or not a few people did say send me an invoice. So many have benefitted and not honoured the introduction or the opening of a door as I have been told.

So really what I would have loved was that I was not ripped off in 1989 and that I had been paid was contractually agreed therefore putting me with a family on the breadline in the late 90’s and like the crash of 89 and 2009 it’s hard to come back or do I want to come back or just not get ripped off again? I think the latter therefore I chose work less do what I love earn less and be happy. I hope I can one day make a few quid as they say and I know I would just go visit those who helped me and try to make a financial amend and sat thank you. 

Day 9

Profiting from corona virus?

Which companies are benefiting?

Believe it or not someone always profits Rees Moog and his offshore funds, Jeff Bezos dumping stock with some insider information and obviously food deliveries, and food suppliers the list of profiting companies and those that will use this crash and pick up the pieces.
They will be bragging in The Ned in 2021 about how THEY had made a killing from Corona Virus and were already cash rich having sold  out at a high in Feb 2020 .

Well it may surprise you but they did NOT teach us at school who profited from the Holocaust but they did . 

List of companies involved in the Holocaust

In 2020 I think we should make any company transparent inc those who have not been there for the staff that have served them for many years loyal staff cast aside.

Spain- India – Italy – this is worldwide and people are getting desperate, will we haBLACK MARKET.

Anyone profiteering should be named and shamed and big Pharmacy in America are total scum in normal markets this will just be a free for all Corona Virus vaccine: When will it be ready?
So the stock market dudes will be looking at a population boom in winter 2020 and shares in baby foods will already have started to rise come on MAKE A KILLING we all =know there were War Babies in 1945/6 /7
<War Baby Tom Robinson

Day 8

Lockdown Emergency 
Being on coronavirus lockdown with a severe toothache is an absolute nightmare. 

Where can I turn and how to get it sorted? As some of you may remember I had major reconstructive dental work done some years as part of the TV show "Pop goes the Band" with my old band mate Steve Strange from Visage.

Dental Art Implant Clinics were amazing for me this week they really came through and put me out of my Misery. 
When I first came across them I was a bit sceptical as their website like so many others had the dreaded Coronavirus notice:

Dear patients,

After monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak carefully over the last few weeks and in light of recent recommendations from the government, NHS and the British Dental Association, among other bodies, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our practices for the time being.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of all our patients, our staff, the communities we serve and our society as a whole. 

Although our practices are temporarily closed, our team will still be working remotely from 8am - 6pm on weekdays and can assist you with advice on any emergencies or urgent questions you may have. 

You can reach us via all our usual contact methods:

So with a low level of expectation i called the number given and low and behold was given an appointment for Friday. 

Now I have to venture out from my safe haven at home home..... So I washed my hands, put on my mask and surgical gloves then headed of to the underground. 
I did not touch anything as i ventured into the underground, when i got there the tube was completely deserted at 3 30pm on a Firday afternoon. Maybe people are listening to the authorities after all?

I took a photo and posed on my facebook, I can’t believe that I was seen and the issue has gone away. Wow three nights with toothache is seriously uncomfortable.
The NHS "8pm Clap campaign" did not mention Dentists, I am sure there are many others in the health professions that find themselves on the front line in a post-coronavirus Brittain!
Day 7

Love can conquer all

When my world was falling apart In solitaire I just closed my eyes and wished it all away [Rusty Egan Love can conquer all ]These words I wrote when I lost my home, my biz, my marriage and my daughter 1989 and in that darkness and despair my 2nd wife to be came to me like an angel who fed me and loved me like never before.

Love Can Conquer All Lyrics

<Spoken Word>
When my world was falling apart in Solitaire
I just closed my eyes and I wished it all away

1st Verse
I will wipe the tears you cry I will make it alright
Don’t you kiss it all goodbye don’t surrender without a fight
I could give a million reasons not to let it slip away
It’s not the nerves that surrounds us I’m begging you to stay.

Love can conquer all
Believe in love
Love Can Conquer
Keep us safe from harm
Will catch you when you fall
But don’t give up on love
Love can conquer all
I took everything that I owned
And gave it all away
I said take my hand come with me and I will always love you
There was nothing that you said because we knew love can conquer all

2nd Verse
Was it something that I said?
Did I wrong you from the start?
Spoken Love and Conquer all
Was it all just in my head?
Do I still have your heart?
Now my glass is half empty
Like my bed where you used to lay
But if you come back into my life
I know Love will find a way.

Love can conquer all
Believe in love
Love can conquer all
Keep us safe from harm
Will catch you when you fall
Don’t give up on love
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all

My love never went away
I will always love you
Love can conquer all

Spoken Love can conquer all
Believe in love
Love can conquer all
Keep us safe from harm
Will catch you when you fall
Don’t give up on love
Love can conquer all
Spoken Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all
Love can conquer all

Out of this darkness there will be light, there will be ends and new beginnings , there will be despair but there will be elation , I know because I have been through 40 years of not knowing if i can pay the rent , failed , been homeless but with a sofa a friend and a new way to survive, in my darkest hour i learned so much.
Day 6

Music for Airports or 2020 Isolation
Brian Eno Music for Airports 

The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes of which we are aware at any given moment. ... The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.

The story goes that Brian Eno was hospitalised and somewhere between consciousness and conscious Brian lay in comatose for some time Once recovered he set out to create Music not Musak that you did not need to listen to but wanted on in the background.

Ambient music as we call it a series of albums followed like Music for Airports . I played these albums in my DJ set creating a perfect setting for conversation in The Blitz Club 40 years ago. I hate MUSAK that is played in all the bars ad cafe’s I go to and pumped up loud by a barperson when they have a fav track. 
I wish these bars only knew that most people would rather talk and have music not muzak. There is so much wonderful music being made and ignored by public places who THINK playing pop music and popular old tracks will be right for the vibe.
Once you ask any staff could they turn it down or preferably OFF they tell you that its company policy. Someone in a chain of cafe’s chooses this musak possible A1 NOT EVEN A HUMAN a algorithm.

Hospital have a Chorly FM type service with Timmy Mallet type presenters to keep you upbeat, Aeroplanes offer Classical music but once again a long flight sat next to someone you wish you weren’t and if only you could just click once and drift off. If you are in self Isolation and had to be taken to a hospital you would only wish it could designed by Brian Eno.
Day 5

A Crisis shows people true colours

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors 
Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have enough money to get through this world wide crisis, where as most small biz owners have lost everything and more. The self employed , musicians & entertainers that I know; every area of society have been hit. Added to that you can’t even hug your mother on mother’s day.

Now we are unable to work our way out of debt. Yet the billionaires still don’t go to the savings, the profits, the gold that they have earned from the sweat and tears of workers who are also possibly going to get ill and have no heath insurance to fall back on. That and the politics in America turn my stomach as much as th wet markets in China. It’s time for change, its time to WAKE UP!

Don’t get political , or don’t let people know how you feel.

If being trapped in your home with the bills mounting, no job & no savings to fall back on does not wake you up to the simple facts......, you do not earn enough and you never will.

Every time you get 2 steps ahead a bill lands on your doorstep to wipe out any goodwill.

Highs and Lows and below the belt blows and then you die.

Time after Time you say "that’s it I’m out" but your still there. Well bankruptcy is no longer a failure it’s a necessity, and yes Mr Donald Trump and all the other billionaires use it when it gets too much, like COVED 19 or they use Chapter 11. And they still are on top, they still drive nice cars live in nice houses and are back in the game in 12 months. It’s just rehab for naughty pop stars and celebrities.

The big boys go down big, and you my poor man go down for everything and can’t get credit and do the walk of shame at the job centre. Well this time CLAIM, CLAIM CLAIM and ask for an interpreter sorry a tax advisor. Get on benefit street and let the government bail you out like they bailed the bankers in 2008. Oh politics don t go there we really don t know what we are talking about do we?

Time after Time they bail out the big boys well this time its not shame to fail. We did not fail , Coved 19 was sent to stop the world , take a look at what we are doing , re evaluate life , The Chinese were starved by the communists they had to eat anything, bats , snakes , anything as there was no food for years . We have 2 weeks and we are fighting in the aisles.  They have to stop killing the animals and the Chinese need to provide for their unemployed. I know ask Jeff Bezoz to come open Amazon  he will IF THE GOVERMENT GIVE HIM BILLIONS

Woke people I hear    Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
Day 3

Where have all the celebrities gone?
Self Isolation

Life in the 70’s was pretty drab, tubes stopped, TV stopped, shops closed busses were sporadic and taxis were hailed if you were lucky find one past midnight.

Life was remote - suburban and you went out in the dark lit streets to the pub or chip shop if telly was crap and it was crap.

The movie houses were busy on weekends but afternoons were for the unemployed and pensioners a time when music had to be bought on the advice of a hippy student  from NME or Melody Maker or teen mags from a shop without hearing every track of an album.
One radio show late at night after all the Smashy and Nicey smarmy radio Dj’s from TOTP John Peel reached out to the isolated and gave you some hope.

Once you had found Joy Divison or derivatively described KRAUT ROCK you were now lost in Isolation. The Cure soon followed and thank god for Punk & John Peel or the isolation would have been a deafening silence.

Fast forwards 2020 Coronavirus the day the music died. Where have all the celebrities gone?

Thank god we can turn OFF the media hyped pop stars of today. They all talk talk talk they all have the same beats provided by the Beats guys of all the artists in the same genre only the rhymes are different.

The princess pop stars whose nursery rhyme songs and repeated ohs ahhs and hit formula songs co written meaning written for them or whoever pays the most but a share is given in the deal.

Isolation can be wonderful, I have tried by NOT having a TV not tuning into the media not knowing 90% of the irritating celebrities.
The Sun Newspaper killed many an overnight TV star.

The Beach Babes and the high class problems they all have seem to have mean nothing in Coronavirus Britain and they are all SILENCED.

Isolation has rid us of the meaningless life of Rylan well me anyway as I don’t let that crap into my home via TV, radio and sometimes it gets to me via something that it should NOT even be. Rylan from Cafe Mambo Ibiza just floored me last year WTF. I don’t know what he is doing to help you deal with Corona virus AND POSSIBLY YOUR HOME BIZ AND PARENTS BECAUSE Rylan Clarke- Neil

I just block the rubbish out of my life and if I had done that earlier I might have seen Bill Gates in 2015 and I am following Elon Musk for 10 years now plus the way the world is on the brink of a massive shift from the OLD fossil fuels and into Blockchain transparency

Jeff Bezos Bill Gates and Elon Musk are doing more than politicians to fights Covid-19
Who really matters in 2020? Is Boris pulling off the job he was voted for or is he just protecting the corporate world and the government’s coffers that won’t be a help to the Self. 
What matters is FOOD and we see that money property and careers can be take away overnight but our services our nurses firemen ambulances our real heroes who show up to run the trains planes and motorways whatever are ready and willing to show up and put up for a paltry sum that barely gives a quality of life while we watch the lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

Rip it up and start again, whatever you were aiming for is only a carrot to a donkey. 

What your already have are the crown jewels 

Who wants to be a millionaire? Final answer 


I just want a fair days pay for a fair days work . 
Day 2

Today I woke up to a very different world
And I thought of Elon Musk
What kind of world can he see is possible TODAY
If world leaders listened , but instead they carry on killing the earth and soon its inhabitants 
close all the clubs bars and cafe’s
stop all the concerts dancing and fun
close all the beaches  and all the parks
stop all the sports and  games
stop all the cars and trains and planes
Stop all the busses and underground trains
stop all the factories and machines turning out goods
stop all the noise and slaughter houses killing
stop all the oil pipes drilling
stop all the cargo and cruises ships in the sea
stop all the churches temples and shrines
stop all the noise and silence the world because the earth has been screaming FOR A VERY LONG TIME.
Silence is golden; the earth is a gift for us to enjoy each day
But instead we bleed it to the very end
Stop the world I want to get on, to help heal the wounds and hear the cry of a child. 

Stop the greed of the powerful who bleed us and the land for gain & more power that they already had to pass down to the next generation who will inherit the earth and all that’s in it ? Yes to continue on as there forefathers have done or will the millenniums learn from this period that the old world as we knew it has ground to a HALT.

A new world is here with younger leader’s voices screaming for a new cleaner transparent open source caring society for each other
A revolution is possible
No more coins notes or cash
No more hidden fees and under the table deals
Block chains of transparency in all industries
Electric autonomous travel is possible
The future is now

But GREED POWER CONTROL will take this moment this glimmer of a new world and take it BACK, backwards.
U2 Love Is All We Have Left (eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Intro / Chaplin Speech / The Europe EP

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