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Social distancing


All of the UK need to play their part in the national responnse to the Coronavirus. It is time to put aside selfish ideas. 

The public is asked by the Prime Minister to:

  1. Practice social distancing.
  2. Avoid all unneccessary Travel
  3. Self Issolate if sick.
  4. Buy responsibly, just the food and supplies you require.
  5. 12 week loockdon for elderly & vulnerable.
Other key things we can all do to help:
  1. Leave Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for those that need it.
  2. Reach out to the elderly and vulnerable in your community.
  3. Set a good example to all those around you.
  4. Spread positive message and advice on social media not negativity.
Let's beat the Coronavirus totgether.
This part  of our website contains a selection of useful advice.

     Help the Scientist's fight 

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